We believe every human being is designed to be extraordinary. Living a life filled with purpose and excitement, as well as feeling alive and healthy, is not an exception to the rule – it’s what we consider a normal life. In the Life By Design Model we help people meet the requirements for this extraordinary life by introducing them to the four fundamental categories: Power, Eat, Move, and Think By Design.

CORRECT – This stage of your program focuses on correcting the deeply set patterns of structural distortion and neurological stress. Consider this 'damage control'.

REBUILD – During this stage, corrections continue frequently enough to establish your healthier structure and nerve function as the new normal.

OPTIMIZE – This stage is built on maintaining optimal structure and nerve function for longer periods while integrating the proper lifestyle components to support maximized health.

Read the Move By Design Manual

Be Mobile (3-7 days/week)

Move Slow (3-5+ hours/week)

Lift Heavy (2-3 times/week)

Move Fast (1-2 times/week)

Read the Eat By Design Manual

Eat By Design >80% of the time

EBD Essentials

EBD Activators




Fish Oil


Vitamin D

Read the Think By Design Manual

Identify Your Values

Read the Six Pillars of Self Esteem

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