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Rehabilitation & Recovery Done Right!

Solving health challenges and maximizing health, performance, and potential, requires a team of experts working together with a client’s best interests in mind.

We are fortunate to have great self-care options at Beverly Family Chiropractic to help you recover and thrive.


Deep tissue, Swedish, Myosfascial, Trigger Point, Hot Stones, Cupping, and CBD Massage Oil.


Deep tissue, Swedish, Myofascial, Trigger Point, Hot Stones, Reiki, and CBD Massage Oil.


Sunlighten full-spectrum infrared sauna.

Colleen Johnson, LMT

Colleen has built her massage practice from the point of view of the client, not as the practitioner. Everything from the lotions and oils, the sheets, the fluffy hot towels, and the music, are all geared towards the client experience. She includes products that are from local small businesses, such as Healing Rose CBD and Thistle Farms Body Products.

Her life experience has given her insight and empathy for her clients, knowing all too well how life wears a person down, and how everyone needs an oasis.

Schedule your session with Colleen to enhance your performance, health, and recovery right now!


Hi, I am Colleen.

Massage is an effective therapeutic tool for relief from aches, pains, and stress. Since chiropractic care and massage are complementary and work together to help clients along the road to wellness, I was thrilled to join the BFC family in 2019.

In order to give my clients the relief they need I customize every massage, using lighter to deeper pressure and a variety of techniques.

I offer Deep tissue, Swedish, Myofascial, Trigger Point, Hot Stones, Cupping, and CBD Massage Oil.


“I’ve seen many massage therapists throughout the years for my chronic muscle pain and I can honestly say Colleen is the first to actually massage the trigger points needed to help make me walk away feeling like I got relief. She is very knowledgeable and talented with being able to address my needs. I’ve told her she has “magical hands!!” I’m so happy and grateful I’ve finally found someone I know can help me when I need it!”

“Colleen is a FIXER! I feel like a new person. She listened to my concerns, formulated a plan and got to work. She treated my shoulders from all angles and directions. Her detailed and thorough approach was able to provide much needed pain relief. Colleen is so kind and caring and it shows throughout the entire session. You can truly tell that she loves what she does. I will certainly be back!”

Leslie Rose, LMT

Leslie brings years of experience to Beverly Family Chiropractic. Her massage sessions are personally tailored to you. She works with you to determine your needs for that session.

If you suffer from a chronic pain condition such as Fibromyalgia, she works with you over the course of several massages to help you manage your pain.

Leslie also practices Reiki to calm your nervous system and help you find a sense of deep relaxation. She uses a combination of hands-on and hands-free Reiki application during your session.

Schedule your session with Leslie to enhance your performance, health, and recovery right now!

Hi, I am Leslie.

Indigo Sea Massage Therapy began as a vision to provide personalized massage to soothe body and soul.

I graduated from the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in 2010. My training included several modalities of massage, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Special Populations, and Trigger Point.

I received my Reiki levels I and II certifications in 2021.

I attend seminars to expand my education and expertise in the field of massage and energy work.


“My results have been incredible. Leslie’s attention to detail is second to none. She can always pinpoint my area the root of the problem and it’s never where I think it is.”

“Your focus on fundamental, incremental and detailed stretching and training has empowered me to meet my goals, and so much more.”

“When I see myself in the mirror, I’m standing tall!”

The physiological changes that occur while using a sauna cause a wide range of health benefits, including:

  1. Improved metabolism and weight loss
  2. Improved cardiovascular health
  3. Improved longevity and overall health
  4. Better cognitive health and protection against neurodegenerative disease
  5. Improved mood and mental health
  6. Improved immune function
  7. Decreased pain
  8. Decreased inflammation
  9. Enhanced recovery and performance
  10. Improved sleep

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