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“When the going gets tough the tough get going”.

This cliché probably rings in your mind from the countless movies and TV shows, as a call to action, when the characters are faced with extreme challenges.

Since success leaves clues and knowing how to adapt to stress is always going to serve you well…

Let’s take a closer look at how successful people win during tough times:

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is an active process that allows the body and brain to repair and become more resilient.  Six – nine hours a night of uninterrupted sleep improves insulin resistance, strengthens the immune system and mitigates stress.

2. Set an alarm  

While under sleeping is a well-known problem, oversleeping also has negative health effects such as headaches, back pain and premature aging.

You don’t need to join the 5 am club in order to feel better but having a morning routine is an extremely beneficial kick start to a productive day.

3. Hydrate

Drinking enough water has a significant effect on appetite, energy levels and brain function, as well as digestion and skin health.

4. Ditch the sugar

Too much sugar can cause a decrease in energy levels and can destroy good bacteria in your gut.

Sugar consumption may also negatively affect the brain and alter the body’s ability to process stress appropriately.

5. Eat to nourish

Focusing on real food first is a baseline recommendation ALL the time…it’s not something successful people do ONLY during stressful times!

Start by focusing on adequate amounts of protein, which will help keep you full and curb cravings.

6. Get fresh air

Fresh air can reduce stress, boost oxygen levels to the brain and improve one’s mood by increasing serotonin.

Start by taking a daily walk… you’ll immediately witness the benefits.

7. Move everyday

When life becomes increasingly stressful, exercising doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplify your activities in order to create consistency.

Movement improves blood flow to the brain, releases endorphins and lowers your level of stress hormones.

Check out some simple, yet effective, exercises HERE.

8. Connection

It’s common to turn inward when times are tough.

The most successful people recognize this tendency early and connect with someone they love, with a colleague or with someone who can support and coach them through a crisis.

9. Limit screen time

Reducing screen time is easier said than done, especially when successful people most often use technology in their pursuit of success.

At the very least, limit screen time in the evenings, especially before bed, as blue light disturbs melatonin production and can interfere with getting a good night’s sleep, which as we know, is one of the keys to success.

10. Avoid excessive pressure

Having high expectations is a common quality among high achievers but so is staying in touch with reality.

Having a vision, a plan and staying focused on the task at hand allows for the best combination of productivity, sanity and success!  

What actions and habits have you found to aid in your success when times are tough? 

Dr. Derek Gallant has committed himself to helping others live the best life possible. After graduating from Wesleyan University, he received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life Chiropractic College West where he finished 2nd in his class. He is the owner of Beverly Family Chiropractic and co-founder of The Well Family Foundation. Dr. Gallant is certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in the Webster technique, an analysis focused on assisting pregnant women in a healthy pregnancy and natural birth. He has inspired thousands of people to take control of their own health using the Life By Design method. Apart from full time practice you can find Derek at the parks and coffee shops around Beverly with his family, training hard at the gym, or at the beach surfing.

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