Working from home? Feeling tension in your back?

Can’t get to your chiropractor?

Here are 4 movements to increase mobility and reduce back tension.

As we’ve quickly learned, there are going to be times when “life happens” and it’s difficult to keep up with a health routine that keeps us at our best.

Don’t worry…

There’s always something you can do on your own to help build up your health.

When it comes to the spine, the best approach is to treat your spine like you do your teeth…. we should brush and floss (hopefully) to protect our teeth, we should also have a Spinal Hygiene routine to protect our spine.

Here are 4 movements that are simple enough for almost everyone to do in very little time.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you, they have the potential to yield some significant results over the long haul.

Get to work, let us know if you have any questions and keep up with this routine on a regular basis…whether you can get to your Chiropractor or not.


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